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Medication learning to prevent errors, reduce readmissions and improve outcomes.

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Inpatient preventable medication errors cost hospitals $16.4 billion every year.

To reduce those costs, and prevent medication-related readmissions, nurses need to stay current on new medications, updated guidelines and the best methods for communicating with patients.

TRC’s timely, unbiased medication information is written by pharmacists and vetted by nurses. It’s concise and practical for busy environments.

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Medication Recommendations

  • 10+ concise new articles every month
  • Proper medication administration and spotting red flags
  • New medications and important trial results
  • Strategies to increase medication adherence
  • Advice for improving outcomes in critical clinical areas, such as heart failure, COPD, sepsis, stroke and pneumonia

Nurse-Specific Resources

  • Hundreds of practical tools and handouts, with new ones added every month
  • Resources for improving transitions of care
  • FAQs about the latest strategies for medication safety
  • Patient education handouts in multiple languages

Unbiased Information

  • Written by clinical pharmacists 
  • Peer-reviewed by dozens of front-line practitioners
  • Evidence-based recommendations
  • Free from drug company influence


  • Connect with nurses and other healthcare providers
  • Join conversations about medications
  • Ask questions and offer advice about best practices
  • Share your experiences