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Prescriber's Letter is an indispensable guide to the latest and greatest information in the world of medical therapeutics and Big Pharma with abundant information on safety and evidence based medicine. The medical app truly is unbiased and includes "gotta read" monthly newsletters and practical medical information spanning almost any and every topic in primary care...This is a service I have used since 1998 and plan to continue for many more years. Full review here.

Douglas Maurer, DO/MPH/FAAFP
, Madigan Army Medical Center
, Fort Lewis, WA

Fitting within our existing workflow, the concise, unbiased, evidence-based presentation of Prescriber’s Letter helps us align therapies across providers, as well as streamline transitions-of-care, supporting greater efficiency and lower costs.

Dr. Gregory Hood
, Quality Independent Physicians
, Louisville, KY

Prescriber’s Letter is an invaluable resource to my practice. The amount of information given is 'boiled down' to the really important stuff without getting bogged down in the details. It feels like I am talking over the fence with my neighbor who is a pharmacist.

Joanna Hart, PA-C
, McBride Orthopedic Hospital
, Oklahoma City, OK

Congratulations on the consistently high quality information that Prescriber’s Letter delivers each month. We recommend it as a consistent, reliable and lucid source of unbiased information. You are the ‘Consumer Reports’ of drug information for physicians.

Henry J. Schultz MD, MACP
, Distinguished Educator
, Mayo School of Graduate Medical Education

I have been getting Pharmacist’s Letter either at home or at work for more years than I care to admit to. As a Director of Pharmacy in a hospital for twenty years and as a consultant for five more, I found ‘The Letter’ an invaluable source of information.

Zaphra Paris-Reskakis
, MS, RPh
, New York, NY

I have patients who are interested in an alternative approach, who think they can stump me concerning herbal or natural products. The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database always comes to the rescue. It is a tremendous resource.

Dr. Robert W. Patterson
, MD
, Sanford, NC

I’m so happy with my subscription to Pharmacy Technician’s Letter. I have many references and the CE is so easy to use. All I have to do is go to my ‘Technician’s CE & Training’ Organizer, and all of my requirements are listed for me.

Betty Hamilton
, Pharmacy Technician
, Edmonds, WA

The CE Organizer is a very nice feature. The Live CE that you offer is incredible! The information is very relevant and being able to do this at home is fabulous! I also do the CE in the letter. Pharmacist’s Letter just keeps getting better and better!

Carol Bell
, PharmD, MS
, Knoxville, TN